ACID Music Studio

ACID Music Studio 10.0

Music creator with over 9,000 loops and 90 virtual instruments
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Compose songs using a visual interface by choosing a beat, then adding various instrument sounds, microphone recordings of your voice, effects, etc.

The application displays a graphic interface similar to a true musical recording studio, ideal for people wanting to compose music.
The program obtains audio from differents sources: microphone, aux and line in inputs, etc. creating a new track for each of the input signals. The user can drag and drop audio samples to the timeline window, and the application will adjust it to adapt it to the tempo of the previous recording.

Looping is another interesting function the program offers to the user for arranging the recordings to fit the their music needs. In addition, volume level curves and changes on the track pitch are also available ans easy to use.

User can copy (or cut) a part of the timeline curve and add it or insert it wherever (s)he wants. Silence intervals can be created and inserted anywhere in the time line graphic.

It supports MIDI keyboard input and the possibility of mixing this input along with the already recorded music.

Volume level normalization, MIDI edition tools, effects addition, etc.

Ignacio Solves
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  • Complete music editing tool


  • User interface a little complex and confusing
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